Winter            By me 🙂

Winter is when jake frost lays down his icy finger on the earth and then turns it into a mystic and magical place. A place that is very special. A place that makes the earth look like it’s wearing a soft white coat. A place that only makes one sound. One sound you can only hear in winter.You can hear it talk to you as it whispers quietly in your ear. And the chilly winds will play with your nose. Winter entices and invites.


Hi Everyone,

I wrote this poem a couple of months ago when I just wanted winter to be over! I am so very happy that it is spring now. Im going to be VERY VERY VERY happy when summer hits! I really hope you like this poem comment down below what kind of things I could have done to have made the poem even better!



A Poem Called Time


Time is one of the most funniest things in life. For it can never stay with you for long. It can make you grieve and weep but only for a moment. You can be full of happiness and joy but with time it too can leave you. Time is rushing past you so take your time to enjoy it.

By Sky’s The Limit


Hello All HorseLovers,

I don’t think you know this about me but I love GREENHAWK! For those of you who have no idea what that is it is a store for horses and rider. And when there is not a sale there everything is over 100$. But when there is a sale some of the stuff goes under 100$! And that is why I am so HAPPY 😊!  Here is a picture of the flyer.

My plan is to go tomorrow!

See ya later! 😜